What patio doors should I choose?

What patio doors should I choose?

Patio doors are one of the most crucial parts of a house. They mainly have functional use but they can be a great head-turning, visually attractive point. Choosing the right type of door is not easy. Here, you will find some tips on how to choose the best patio door for your house.
The plethora of patio doors available on the market can make your head spin. After all, this space is a focal point of any house in the summer; whether you like to experience indoor-outdoor living, love hosting garden parties, or simply want to chill on the patio. As a result, choosing the right patio system is extremely important as this door is one of the most used doors in their entire house. They must be easy to use, add character to your house and create a grand entrance to the garden. So how do you choose the right system?

Things to Consider When Buying a Patio Door

Like all joinery elements available today, they can be made of three types of material: wood, aluminum, or PVC. You should pay attention to durability, ease of use, and the opening method. Decide which opening method available on the market works best for your entrance space and which one you really need. There are no-threshold or low-threshold solutions that will be perfect for people with mobility issues. You can also choose from automatic openings that are perfect for large and heavy glazing. Another important decision is choosing the right material. PVC option is the easiest on the wallet but also the least durable. Aluminum is more expensive but it guarantees reliability and trouble-free use of your patio doors for many years.

Types of patio doors

Let’s focus on the aluminum solutions that we recommend. The most popular and most frequently chosen solution is sliding doors. Large glazing in newly constructed buildings is still in vogue and nothing indicates that this could change any time soon. Large-format windows perfectly connect the house with the garden. The current window sashes, although often of considerable size, meet the toughest energy standards. Also, the sliding doors of the Hi-Finity system, are energy-friendly, have a minimalist design and maximum use of natural light. The flat threshold is a bonus and can be appreciated by people with small children, seniors or the disabled. Hi-Finity can be fitted with an automatic opening system with a remote control or a button that can only add to the comfort of use.

Don’t like sliding doors? Then what? An interesting alternative to other types of patio doors is cutting-edge folding doors. When closed they create elegant and aesthetic glazing, and when folded to the maximum, they successfully provide direct access to the patio or garden. It is a very functional and discreet system. This solution minimizes the use of frames, rails, and other fixed elements. The offer by PROFAL Kielce includes patio doors designed according to the Concept Folding 77 system, which meets high energy standards and ensures maximum transparency.
Bear in mind that patio doors are a kind of portal between the interior of your home and the intriguing world of nature. When deciding on patio doors, focus on maintaining maximum harmony between the two of them. The transition between the living room and the garden should be beautiful, smooth, and ergonomic. Just like the subtle transitions between styles, colours, and textures.

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