The history of the window making

The history of the window making

Can you imagine a building without windows? It is very hard to picture it especially nowadays when there are so many window solutions to choose from. What about the past? What did windows look like in ancient times?

Starting from a hole in the wall

In the old days, windows had only two functions. Their task was to provide ventilation and lighting to the interior. Back then, nobody paid any attention to the architectural and aesthetic values. Windows were simply holes carved in the wall, covered with animal skins in case of bad weather. Nowadays it seems strange, but you have to remember that in the past people used to have a nomadic lifestyle, and caves and shacks were their homes.


With the change of lifestyle to a more sedentary, huts and caves have been replaced by houses made of wood and stone. Windows still played an important utility role, but more attention was paid to the safety of the tenants. It was then that shutters were introduced and they were supposed to protect the house against bad weather conditions and intruders. The first shutters appeared in ancient Greece and Rome.

The growing importance of glass

As time went on, people started inventing better and better ways to build houses and secure them. Although glass has been known since the 4th millennium BC, the first glass windows did not appear until the 16th century AD. Previously, animal membranes were used to protect window openings, which, after drying, were stretched between the window frames. What did the first glass windows look like? The windows were filled with stained glass and were a must-have in architecture at that time. They first appeared in religious architecture, and over time they entered the secular area. Only the richest could afford beautifully decorated windows. However, in the following years, glass windows became so widespread that in the 17th century they could already be found in peasant huts.

New materials

The appearance of glass in the windows was a milestone in the development of shutters. Another important stage was the appearance of plastic on the market. Until the end of the 20th century, wooden windows were the most popular. However, the beginning of the 21st century marked the dominance of PVC windows. The reason for this was simply that they were much cheaper.

Currently, investors increasingly more often opt for aluminum windows. Why? Because they are durable – their service life ranges from 40 to 60 years, they fit any architectural style, and simply look great.

Windows of the future

What will windows look like in 10, 20, or 50 years? It is hard to imagine. A revolution is already happening in front of our eyes. There are solutions available on the market that, apart from their decorative and functional character, offer many extras. Energy efficiency, remote control using a smartphone or a remote controller, are only some of the solutions that are available today. The future is here and there is definitely more to come.

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