Patio – your blissful relax zone at your house

Patio – your blissful relax zone at your house

The patio is often an integral part of the house. It is a safe space where we can kick back and relax after work, especially during the warm days in spring and summer. If you are planning to design a patio in your house, check our blog post for some tips and tricks.

House patio is a unique place. It should be designed in a smart way so it is functional and meets your needs. When designing your patio, pay attention to a few aspects that will help you create the best space for you and your loved ones.

Covered or uncovered patio?

There is no simple answer to this question. It all depends on the location of the patio versus the sunlight angle and the climate of your location. A covered patio will provide shade on hot days, will protect the furniture from rain, and in the winter months also from snow. The downside of this solution is the higher cost. You will need to spend some of your funds on the roofing structure and the actual roofing. However, it can be worth every penny in order to get the most of your relaxation space. An uncovered patio, on the other hand, means lower construction cost. Any drawbacks? Certainly, there are some – first of all, there is no protection against any type of weather conditions. As a result, you will not be able to use the patio whenever you feel like it. The patio furniture and decorations will be more vulnerable to wear and tear. We recommend you go for an uncovered patio only if the climate where you live is favourable and there is little rain or snow during the year.

Comfortable and barrier-free exit

Barrier-free access to the patio is a very important element that needs to be considered at the stage of building your house. The current trend of creating large-format glazing is doing very well. This should come as no surprise to anyone. With large sash windows, the living room opens up to the garden and adds that open space vibe. An important point for all those patio lovers. The sash windows available on the market, despite their large dimensions, are easy to use, meet the strictest energy standards and are an attractive exit to the patio and garden. PROFAL Kielce offers such solutions, for example, the Hi-Finity system that combines a minimalist design with maximum access to natural light at the same time. This system features a completely flat threshold so it is perfect for small children, seniors, or people with disabilities.

Patio décor

There is a plethora of patio styles and solutions available on the market. When working on your patio décor, try to adjust it to the house shape and form. This way your patio will best reflect the character of the place. You can choose from furniture made of metal, wicker, wood or other material. Thoughtful planning will help make your patio your new favourite spot for lounging and relaxing. Also, remember to accessorize: beautiful and trendy flower pots, green plants and the right lighting can do magic, especially during the evenings. Great patio design and décor can bring comfort and function to your outdoor space and you will be able to enjoy it for many years.

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