Modern-style house – what windows and doors should I choose?

Modern-style house – what windows and doors should I choose?

A modern house combines minimalism, eco-friendliness and a lofty or industrial style. Drafting such a project and implementing it can be quite a challenge. Its specificity requires an extra effort in careful thinking through the entire concept and one of crucial decisions to be made is choosing the right doors and windows.

Windows for a modern home

Windows are the first element that is fixed in a newly built house. Your choice of windows will impact your subsequent decisions regarding the other elements: garage doors and gates as well as fence. If you want to keep the façade looking well put-together, all these elements must harmonize with one another and cannot be selected independently. They should be well coordinated and matching. If you have a modern house, consider aluminum windows – although they are more expensive, they can perfectly highlight your house’s style and guarantee many years of trouble-free use.

Modern house – what door to choose?

The door is the part of the house that we use most often. It is also an element that is first spotted by our visitors. While the building’s facade and fence create the first impression, the door leads your guests to the most important part of the house – its interior. Therefore, make sure that they blend in well with the surroundings of the building, its facade and interior and create a visually coherent impression.

The most important thing is the material from which the door is made. It has to guarantee safety, be durable and damage-resistant, have insulation properties and look good. Aluminum doors tick all these boxes. This material is very universal and allows plenty of design freedom. PROFAL aluminum doors meet all the above-mentioned requirements. Another advantage is the multitude of finish colours that are available. Currently, over 450 different shades and types of surface finishes are on offer, including colours from the RAL palette in metallic, anodized, matte and glossy finish.

Choosing the right doors and windows for a modern home is not difficult. Stick to these few rules above to be able to enjoy the highest-quality windows and doors in your home. Consider the solutions offered by a proven manufacturer that has been present on the market for many years. This will give you peace of mind and 100% product satisfaction.

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