Maintenance of aluminum windows

Maintenance of aluminum windows

Maintenance of aluminum windows should be part of your spring cleaning routine. Unfortunately, we tend to forget about this chore. Check our aluminum window care guide for top tips for keeping your windows looking great!

You definitely want the windows in your home to function without any problems and maintain their aesthetic appearance for many years. For this to happen, they must be regularly cleaned. The maintenance should be performed at least twice a year – before the heating season and in the spring. Especially now, when after the winter, the windows are covered in street dirt and pollutants that have an adverse effect on them.

Cleaning and maintenance

Contrary to expectations, the process of maintaining windows is actually very straightforward. However, it does rely on several rules. The weather outside at the time of cleaning is crucial. Plan the cleaning on a cloudy day because when it is sunny the water dries up very quickly leaving unsightly streaks. Cleaning windows on frosty days won’t be a good idea either. There is a high risk of serious damage to the windows. The first step is to wash off dust and dirt from the surface of the window frames. You can do it using a soft cloth moistened with water. You can also use a small amount of mild dishwashing detergent which helps remove dirt and dust. If the windows are moderately or heavily soiled, use more advanced measures. Still, under no circumstances should you ever use products based on acids, solvents, or acidic solutions for cleaning. These types of products will react with aluminum and can even damage it. Use cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer. We recommend Reynawash Color which is perfect for taking care of aluminum frames and glass surfaces.

Seals, hinges and fittings

Don’t forget about the details. They also need periodic maintenance and a bit of TLC. Unfortunately, they are very often overlooked when all the attention is focused on cleaning the frames. It is a fact that opening and closing windows causes wear of the seals. At least once a year, you should apply a product that protects them against adverse weather conditions. The same applies to hinges and fittings. There are many products available on the market and they effectively reduce friction and protect metal elements against corrosion.

Trust the experts

If you do not feel like maintaining and cleaning your windows by yourself, hire experts to do that for you. For them, these are simply routine activities they do every day and, what’s worth mentioning, such service is affordable and won’t break your wallet. By ordering a professional service, you can be sure that the maintenance process will be carried out in accordance with the recommendations and requirements of the manufacturer. Remember that proper window care will greatly extend their service life. And the windows will look great for many years to come!

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