Let’s buy exterior doors

Let’s buy exterior doors

Exterior doors compliment the style of your house. They should not only impact your home’s aesthetic appeal but also have to blend in with the body of the building. They should also protect the house against cold, muffle sounds and have a good level of anti-burglary protection.

Let’s start from the top

When purchasing a house design, pay attention to the dimensions of the external doors proposed by the architect. Although they are fitted at the final stage of construction, the right size of the door opening should be prepared in advance. At this stage you can also choose door style that you like.

Different laws apply in different countries. In Poland, according to the Ministry of Infrastructure Regulation, external doors should have a minimum width of 90 cm and a minimum height of 200 cm in the light of the frame. Thanks to this, they can be accessible for wheelchair users. Such door dimensions are also perfect when it comes to pushing a baby buggy, carrying large luggage or moving furniture. If you wish you can also have wider and taller doors. They would be even more majestic, more convenient to use, but also, unfortunately, more expensive to buy.

Preparation of the door opening and the method of opening

The opening dedicated to external doors should be even and exact in dimensions. It should be 12-15 cm wider than the door with a door frame and about 6 cm taller. When determining the height, we recommend adding about 4 cm for the floor.

When you make a decision on a specific size of the door, you should also define the way in which it will open. It can be linked to some structural modifications in the body of the house. You can open the doors to the outside or inside the building. Honestly speaking, the first solution has more advantages and is definitely more often chosen by investors.

The outward opening door leaf is tighter as the wind presses it against the frame. Thanks to this, you will enjoy lesser heat loss in winter. In addition, water from rain or snow does not flow into the house.

Which door to choose?

External doors should match the colours of the roof and windows, and contrast with the building facade. If the house has a modern character, choose simple-shaped wing with glass inserts that will add lightness and elegance. However, if the house has a heavy vibe, opt for more massive and decorative doors.

The aesthetics of the door is also heavily impacted by the material they are made of. Front doors can be made of wood, steel, aluminum and PVC. Which door to choose?

The best solution will be aluminium doors. They provide a high level of soundproofing, are durable and can actually be adapted to any architectural style. The aluminum panels that fill the frame can be anodized or powder coated. Aluminum doors are strong, rigid and warp resistant. They also provide an appropriate level of thermal insulation and anti-burglary protection.

Safety is key

Exterior doors should not only look nice and be functional, but should also be a barrier to a potential thief. There are six classes of burglary resistance. The easiest way is to break through the doors marked RC1 class, and the most difficult is RC6. Doors intended for single-family houses usually have RC2 or RC3 class. If you decide to have a door with increased burglary resistance, your house windows, garage door and patio doors should also have the appropriate standard. Otherwise, the thief can bypass the best secured point, which is the door, and enter the building through the least secure way.

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