Large windows – what are the pros and cons?

Large windows – what are the pros and cons?

The present-day architectural trends are aimed at ushering in a large amount of sunlight into the building. Thus, windows of large sizes are becoming very much in style in newly built houses.

Large windows are currently very much in vogue. They improve life quality, draw attention, especially in cutting-edge construction projects. It may seem that large windows are all about advantages. However, there are also a few drawbacks to this solution.

Advantages of large windows

The most frequent argument for choosing this type of windows is the perfect interior lighting. There is no point in arguing with it – large windows usher in plenty of natural light. This solution is perfect in countries with moderate climate, where the weather is often dull, and where in the winter season days are short. Especially in winter, large glazing can help warm up the interior of the house. All you need is windows on the southern side, i.e. where the sun shines the longest and the strongest.

The looks, functionality and the open space ambience are also the unquestionable advantages of large windows. They make the rooms look large but cosy and will definitely add an edge and a touch of poshness to any building. Large-format glazing usually comes as sliding doors for easy operation.

Large windows also mean a closer contact with nature. When fitted as patio/garden windows, they connect the indoor with the outdoor – your garden. Being so close to nature will certainly be a fantastic pick-me-up after a hard day’s work.

Disadvantages of large windows

When opting for full glazing, remember that on hot days, large windows will increase the heat in your home. Take this into account at the stage of designing the space and consider investing in blinds that will protect you from the sun, or an efficient air conditioning system. The downside is that these solutions are not easy on the wallet.

Large windows are also heavy. Sadly, they may warp under their own weight. Make sure you choose windows from a reliable manufacturer who will guarantee high quality and provide a long-term warranty. The cheapest solutions can cost you more in the long run. Consider buying aluminum windows – this material is much more durable than PVC or wood.

The last but not least drawback. It may seem quite mundane and down to earth, at first. Cleaning. This can be a real challenge even for tall people. You might need a ladder or a steam cleaner with an extension kit to make it work. Regrettably, this is yet another cost that your wallet would have to bear.

Large windows – are they worth the hype? Definitely! Still, take into account the pros and cons of this solution and decide what solution you really need and if you can afford it.

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