How to choose the colour of the windows?

How to choose the colour of the windows?

Which window colour to choose? When you are building your house this question might often pop up in your head. The answer is not easy and the final decision requires a lot of thought. When choosing the colour of the frames, you should be guided not only by your own taste, but also by the general rules used by architects. So how to take the right decision?

The colour of the windows has a great impact on the appearance of the building’s facade and it is part of the style of the interior. The most important rule when choosing the colour is to match it to the style of the facade. The colour of window frames must not clash with the colour of the outside walls, no matter if the wall finishing is plaster, brick or stone. The colour should also match the roof. Remember that the window colour should also go well with other elements like external (front) doors, patio doors and garage doors.

Get the expert’s help

If you are building a new house or carrying out a general renovation of the entire building, the architect who creates the project should offer help in choosing the colour of the windows. If you are replacing old windows, get your inspiration from the interior design magazines, social media (e.g. Instagram) and from design websites. Or… take a bike ride around the area local to you and look for inspiration from the nearby houses.

Get a practical turn of mind

When deciding on an expressive window colour, e.g. black, bear in mind your house vicinity. If you live by a gravel road and the area is very dusty, your window frames will most certainly be dusty most of the time. This can be annoying and you will end up cleaning your windows too often than you would wish.

The importance of colour in architecture

Today, colour is one of the key features of most products. It can often overshadow other aspects like modern solutions, unique design or high functionality. How come? Most people are visual learners and make purchasing decisions based on what they see.

The colour range in fashion or in the case of gadgets, e.g. smartphones, often changes – that’s why only a few colours are offered for a given model. However, when it comes to products that will stay with us for dozens of years – trends are not that important. What counts is timelessness and versatility. But that is still not everything. The colour palette for window finishing must be wide enough to meet the various needs of customers. That is why at PROFAL Kielce we use the RAL colour palette that allows us to create window profiles of any colour. We have over 450 different shades and types of finishes available: metallic, anodized, matt or glossy, and selected profiles can be even given a realistic wood texture. This allows us to cater to every client’s taste and meet the expectations of the most demanding investors.

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