Flat door threshold – is it even possible?

Flat door threshold – is it even possible?

Current construction trends postulate to eliminate architectural barriers. Apart from public utility buildings, this concept is increasingly often used in single-family houses.

Barrier-free houses are gaining more and more popularity among new investors. This is due to many factors, for example, the aging of society, having small children, or convenience.

Safety and convenience

When you are planning to build a house, first of all, you take into account your current needs that oscillate around the convenience and comfort the place where we plan to live has to offer. Open spaces, wide passageways, and large, functional rooms are what modern architecture is all about. The elimination of physical barriers (stairs, thresholds, sharp interior fittings, etc.) also plays a role here. All this so that every resident, regardless of age or physical limitations, can feel safe in their own home. Modern houses often feature lots of large format glazing. Most often you can find them connecting the patio with the living area. The patio exit, more precisely the threshold itself, may create a tripping hazard for those with mobility issues, children, the elderly, or the disabled. For them, it may be an insurmountable barrier. Therefore, it is recommended to plan the threshold minimum height or its complete elimination at the initial stage of building a house.

Low door threshold or completely flat threshold – is it possible?

Yes, certainly. There are many solutions on the market that eliminate high thresholds that can pose a tripping hazard for many people. You should know that manufacturers often offer options that are completely threshold-free or equipped with a low threshold that protrudes slightly above the floor, usually about 2 cm. If you opt for a non-threshold solution, that will most certainly be a better choice. They are most often found in sliding systems. An example of this type is the Hi-Finity aluminum sliding door system, in which the threshold is completely flat and this allows access to the rooms without any obstacles. However, you should know that doors without thresholds should be of the highest quality that can only be offered by reputable manufacturers. This is crucial as it will help you avoid heat loss and provide excellent sound insulation inside your house.

A future-proof solution

A threshold-free solution is the best choice if you plan to live in the house for many years.  This solution will address your future accessibility needs and allow you to avoid costly and problematic remodeling in order to adapt the living space to your new circumstances and increased needs in the future.

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