Custom-made windows

Custom-made windows

Windows in your house should not only be functional but also harmonize with the facade and the interior style. Remember that it is the windows and doors are an integral part of the facade of the building and create the overall vibe.

Windows are replaced most often for two reasons: they are fitted in a new building or replaced during the renovation of an existing building. If you are at the design stage, you can select the shape, size of the new windows and choose where you want them located on the building. If you are renovating, you need to compromise more.

Let some light in!

Natural sunlight affects not only our well-being, but also the condition of our wallet. How? The right amount of sunlight reaching the interior can reduce heating and electricity bills in the winter season. If you are at the stage of designing a house, make sure that the building and the rooms are properly positioned in relation to the incidence of sunlight. The living room, kitchen and other rooms should be facing south or south-west. The bedroom should be located on the north or north-eastern part of the house so the room is pleasant and cool before bedtime. However, if there is no room for such decisions, but, still, your goal is to ensure proper lighting, the solution can be the right windows, e.g. the SlimLine 38 system. Not only does it look great and offers a variety of opening methods, but above all, it has great thermal insulation parameters, even in the ultra-narrow profile option.

Windows and the building’s style

Wooden and PVC window systems may not always match the character and shape of the building. But aluminum systems can perfectly blend in any architectural style. Aluminum is a material that has been used in window production for quite a long time. Recently, it has become very popular in single-family housing. Its functional properties make it a great alternative to wooden and PVC windows. Aluminum guarantees great thermal insulation parameters and gives great design possibilities. Glazing based on aluminum systems can have impressive sizes, and the Hi-Finity sliding system is a perfect example of such use.

How to choose windows?

Choosing the right windows is not as clear as day. The decision must be carefully thought out as the windows you are going to buy will have to last many years. We recommend you use the support from a sales consultant. The specialist will help you choose windows that will not only protect your home against adverse weather conditions but also ensure safety and look great, too.

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