Choosing patio doors

Choosing patio doors

When planning to build or refurbish your house, patio doors are usually not the first thing people consider. This is a big mistake because these type of doors have many important functions and should be taken into consideration at this stage of the project.

Patio doors are just as important as any other door in your house. They play many important roles: provide safety, ensure the energy efficiency of the building or improve the comfort of your everyday life. The process of selecting this type of door should be well thought out. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task. The multitude of options available on the market can make everyone feel overwhelmed. Customers often feel lost choosing between so many solutions offered by manufacturers. A house patio fulfills many important functions. It is a unique place where families spend a lot of time. On warm days, you can invite guests over or simply relax after a day of hard work.

What to pay attention to when choosing patio doors?

The main selection criterion should be the material from which the patio doors are made. The doors will be in use very often therefore they should be resistant to damage and harsh weather conditions and, also, easy to use. Such doors should last many years that is why it is crucial they maintain their good visual condition for a long time. You can choose from patio doors made of wood, PVC, and aluminum. The most durable patio doors are those made of aluminum. This is due to the fact that this material is perfectly protected against corrosion. In addition, aluminum will be perfect when the dimensions of the door exceed the standard dimensions. When designing various objects architects like to work with this material. This way they can create unconventional projects and use solutions that will ensure plenty of sunlight in your house. Aluminum doors also guarantee high energy efficiency of the building and an attractive and trendy look.

Types of aluminum patio doors

Sliding doors are the most frequently chosen patio doors option. They are quiet, easy to use, ensure plenty of sunlight and allow you to fit advanced automation systems – all this makes them a perfect solution for smart houses. PROFAL Kielce offers several patio door systems that can be tailor-made according to customer’s expectations and the type of project:

Hi-Finity – this ultra-slim sliding door system allows you to enjoy the feeling of open space. Huge floor-to-ceiling glass doors will offer you a panoramic view of the outside. Thanks to the possibility of using double or triple glazing, sliding doors provide peace and quiet and warmth. The Hi-Finity system also features a completely flat threshold, a high-class, anti-burglary RC2 protection and an implemented control system allowing you to slide the door open using a remote control.

Concept Folding 77 – it is a system of aluminum folding doors that combines an attractive minimalist look with user-friendly features. This solution will be perfect for connecting the house with the garden. It is also an excellent choice for optimizing your living space in the house. The system allows you to create folding doors consisting of up to 8 leaves. They can be opened in different orders and configurations. Folding doors are an interesting idea worth considering by people who are looking for non-standard outcomes.

SlimPatio 68 – this sliding door system is characterized by narrow profiles, combining functionality and elegance. This solution allows for maximum natural light access and offers panoramic views. Due to technological advancement, this system features excellent windproof parameters, water tightness and thermal insulation, all in line with the highest standards. The SlimPatio 68 system gives architects great design freedom, allowing them to create trendy, bright spaces that are sought-after by investors.

ConceptPatio 155-LS – is a high-class sliding and lift-sliding system featuring an extra high degree of thermal insulation and class 2 anti-burglary protection. This solution will be perfect for energy-saving constructions. The system allows for the creation of large-format glass doors, the weight of which can reach 400 kg. The doors created in the ConceptPatio 155-LS system allow the use of various variants of their opening. It is also possible to implement an automatic control system. All this to boost the comfort of use to the maximum.

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