Characteristics of aluminum windows

Characteristics of aluminum windows

Until recently, aluminum windows were mainly used in the design of office buildings and shopping centers. Currently, they are becoming popular and more often used in single-family house designs. Why are they so popular?

Aluminum windows — timeless and universal

Aluminum windows, thanks to their simple form, look great both in modern single-family houses and in historic buildings. Their wide range of colours offer great design options — it allows you to match the colour of the frames to the style of the building and the colour of the facade. This type of windows are perfect for houses with large format glazing and, also, with non-standard shapes.

Aluminum windows — the architects’ choice

Aluminum glazing is extremely popular and frequently chosen by architects — both in the design of single-family houses and in the design of commercial buildings (such as shopping centers, office buildings and hotels). Buildings with aluminum windows are most often characterized by an original form that requires the use of unusual solutions – also in window frames. Due to its remarkable plasticity, aluminum is used in projects with large-size windows and in buildings where energy efficiency is crucial – for example in passive houses. Aluminum windows are a product that will fit perfectly into the style of any building – both private and public utility buildings.

Custom-sized aluminum windows in a non-standard shape

Aluminum is a material characterized by a very high formability. Thanks to this, each producer of aluminum windows is able to achieve any, unique and non-standard shapes of frames. The durability and energy efficiency of aluminum windows make them perfect for homes with a lot of glazing and for non-standard, original projects. Aluminum joinery is also suitable for creating orangery, i.e. winter gardens. The tightness of this type of windows will ensure that the glass room will not cool down too quickly, thanks to which you can save on heating.

What rooms are perfect for large aluminum windows?

Aluminum windows, thanks to their high thermal insulation properties, are suitable for all types of rooms in your home. They can be successfully fitted in any room where we want to have plenty of natural light, regardless of the level of humidity in the room. Large custom-sized windows will work well in the living room, kitchen and dining room. Large aluminum windows will provide lots of natural light, illuminating and optically enlarging any space.

Are aluminum windows energy-efficient?

Some people assume that since aluminum windows are made of metal, they tend to be cold and keep the rooms cool. This assumption is obviously wrong and completely untrue. Aluminum windows have the highest quality thermal breaks and insulating fillings, which make this type of glazing extremely tight and energy-saving. In the case of windows of very large sizes, aluminum joinery shows the highest thermal insulation parameters of all types of windows available on the market.

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