Bullet-proof tricks for clean windows

Bullet-proof tricks for clean windows

Squeaky clean and sparkling windows without streaking. These are the expectations. What is the reality? Even though cleaning windows is not rocket science, it is worth following some best tips so as to avoid the most common mistakes.

Window cleaning – things to avoid

Let’s start with what you shouldn’t do when cleaning windows. The list is quite long and some of the items listed can even surprise you.

1. Do not clean your windows on sunny days. While this seems to be a perfect time, you should know that the sun is not on your side. Why? On sunny days, the detergents evaporate much faster and you will not be able to wash and wipe the windows before they set in creating unsightly streaks and smudges. This happens very often with large format windows.

2. Washing windows when it is very cold and frosty is also not the right time. On such days, the glass becomes more delicate and fragile. One careless movement is enough, pressing the cloth harder and the glass may break. It may also happen that if you do not wipe the window dry, a small amount of water may remain on the glass surface, freezes and in extreme cases, it can damage the window.

3. Do not dry-wipe the windows before cleaning, even if they are very dusty. Small, sometimes invisible particles of sand and dust during dry wiping can permanently damage the glass.

4. Do not start cleaning windows from the window pane. After washing the window frames, you would have to wash the glass again. Why do it twice? Work smart. Remember the correct washing sequence: first, the casing, then the frames, glass and finally the window sill.

5. Do not clean windows after a hard day’s work or when you are tired. As easy as it may seem, washing windows can be tiring, especially when there are many windows to clean. Choose a time and day when you are rested.

How to clean windows?

The most popular and common method of cleaning windows is to use a glass cleaner, paper towels, a cloth and a rubber squeegee. This method is quite good but the final effect largely depends on the quality of the glass cleaner used. If you do not have window cleaner handy, you can use dishwashing liquid. It is perfect for cleaning greasy and heavily soiled surfaces. Dissolve a small amount of liquid in warm water, wash the windows thoroughly and wipe them dry well. Dry wiping is the secret to streak-free windows.

If you are allergic to detergents or want to be more pro-eco, you can use lemon juice mixed with water, in proportions 1:2. The lemon juice will add a refreshing and fresh scent to your interiors.
If you are more of a technology geek, you may invest in a window washer or window vacuum cleaner. Buying them will not hurt your wallet and you can also use them to clean other surfaces in your home. You can use them to clean the kitchen and bathroom tiles, mirrors and a shower cubicle.

Are you a car owner? If yes, you surely have a supply of windshield washer fluid in the trunk of your car. It is perfect for cleaning windows. It fights well city dust and insect stains. Depending on what type you choose, summer or winter washer fluid, you can be sure that it is going to smell good in summer, and in winter it will not freeze during the cleaning.

Comprehensive window care

Remember that windows, apart from standard washing, should also be properly maintained. This will guarantee their trouble-free use for many years to come. Choose products appropriate to the type of material your windows are made of. Many products are available in supermarkets and DIY stores. We also suggest using products recommended by the manufacturer. For our windows, we recommend ReynaWash Color that is dedicated to the maintenance of painted aluminum profiles. It is also suitable for cleaning glass surfaces, making it a universal window cleaner.

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