Softline 82 MD EN

Softline 82 MD

Softline 82 MD profiles belong to the most modern profiles, they have high energy efficiency.

Softline 82 MD profiles have a heat transfer coefficient of 1.0 W / m²K. When using a glazing unit with a Ug = 0.7 W / m²K coefficient, the window will have U equal to 0.91 W / m²K, which meets the requirements for energy-efficient houses. With a glazing unit with Ug = 0.4 W / m²K, the window will have Uw = 0.7 W / m²K, which allows it to be installed in houses in the passive standard.

In the Softline 82 MD profile, the outer walls are 3 mm thick (with a maximum deviation of only + – 0.2 mm), which means that, according to PN-EN 12608, they are classified in class A.

There are 7 chambers in the frame, and 6 in the wing. Both have a reinforcing chamber and steel profiles that stiffen the structure.

The frame and sash assembly has dimensions from 114 mm. It can be larger in the case of large constructions, specific static requirements, special location of the building object and the resulting necessity of selecting appropriate profiles.

Softline 82 MD profiles are designed for double and triple glazing. Insulated glass sets can be from 24 to 52 mm.

The glazing is deposited in the profile to a great depth, i.e. 25 mm, thanks to which the window has better thermal properties and is less exposed to condensation.

In Softline 82 MD profiles, i.e. the non-standard version, in addition to the factory-fitted two gaskets – external and internal – there is also a central gasket that improves the parameters of acoustic and thermal protection.


Gaskets can be in black, gray or caramel, which allows you to match them to the colors of the profiles.

Softline 82 MD profiles have a 13-mm ferrule notch axis, thanks to which they can be fitted with any fittings as well as specialist and anti-burglary elements.

The neutral design allows you to match the Softline 82 MD profiles to any type of architecture. They are suitable for bending, so they can be used e.g. for arched windows.

Profiles are available in several dozen variants. White, colored (also matte), wood-like patterns, imitating metal. Veneered on one or both sides. VEKA also offers Softline 82 MD profiles with gray backing foiled on both sides. As a result, the window is uniform, elegantly finished. Aluminum covers, powder coated in any color, can be applied to the profiles.

Profile sills and window sill profiles are available, as well as roller shutter boxes, couplings and connectors, additional reinforcements for specific static requirements, wall brackets, decorative elements, extensions, etc.

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