Aluplast Aluminum covers

Aluplast Aluminum covers

Aluskin aluminum covers are a new technical solution, introducing into the modern and elegant world of aluminum and unrestricted play with colors, while maintaining friendly PVC heat.

The best energy saving parameters and the simultaneous achievement of optically impeccable beauty of aluminum windows and facades are the assets that are able to meet the expectations of the most demanding architects. Aluminum covers of the aluskin system thanks to modern technologies of varnishing or powder coating can have any color from the RAL color palette. By using aluminum aluskin overlays on the external surfaces of the profiles, you can achieve a high-quality appearance, increased strength and color diversity of varnished aluminum profiles. You can create a unique product without screws, without glues, without unnecessary waste of time.

The introduction of overlays combined at an angle of 90o is above all the possibility of obtaining very interesting, similar to wooden windows, window optics, but also a great simplification at the stage of production of windows with overlays. Thanks to the frontal connection of overlays, the number of people involved in the process and the time necessary to prepare them is reduced. The new joining method also does not require such precision in cutting overlays as in the case of joining at 45o, and the overlays themselves no longer have to be cut only after the windows have been manufactured. Preparation of overlays (cutting) can take place in parallel with the window production process based on the optimization list.

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