Aluplast Ideal 4000 EN

Aluplast Ideal 4000

The Ideal 4000 window profile system is the most modern technique combined with the highest comfort of living. It allows making large-size windows, through strong profile constructions with a depth of 70-85 mm and through large chambers for steel reinforcements. This system guarantees high thermal and sound insulation.

Ideal 4000 is a wide range of window creation solutions giving them a peculiar and harmonious shape tailored to your own style. It works well in the innovative architecture of single-family and multi-family housing, as well as when renovating. In the case of renovation, it is important to reduce the height of the frame and sash, thus allowing increased light flow.

Harmonious and stylish lines in slender profiles in a non-faced version guarantee timeless elegance. The Round-line version, on the other hand, is especially directed at customers looking for original possibilities of creating their windows, thanks to emphasizing light optics and gentle rounding. An additional option of window styling is the use of various types of glazing beads adapted to the character of the interior.

The modern Ideal 4000 85 mm variant is a combination of modern solutions with external gaskets and a six-chamber frame structure with a depth of 85 mm, which allows achieving better thermal insulation of windows. This innovative technology guarantees the highest standard based on a proven and appreciated product by the market. Ideal 4000 new is a great element in interior design that will give you a surprising and original look.

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Głębokość zabudowy:70-85 mm
Szerokość zestawu rama/skrzydło:od 102 mm
Maksymalna grubość oszklenia: 36 mm
Ilość komór:5-6
System uszczelnienia:zewnętrzne (2 uszczelki)
System wzmocnienia:stal
Dostępna stylistyka profili:classic-line, round-line
Współczynnik przenikania ciepła:Uf=1,3 – 1,4W/m²K
Odporność na działanie wiatru:C4*
Przepuszczalność powietrza:4*
Izolacyjność akustyczna z pakietem szybowym 4/16/4:34(-2;-5)dB
Maksymalna izolacyjność akustyczna:45(-1;-3)dB*
Technologia bonding inside:tak
Możliwość pianowania:tak
Wymienne uszczelki:tak

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